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Centrifugal separators

•    The cast iron body is entirely walled with stainless steel, thus ensuring enhanced corrosion resistance.
•    All drum benches are made of special stainless steel which gives an outstanding resistance to mechanical hard duties and corrosion.
•    The parts that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel and the surfaces are highly finished providing an optimal efficiency of perfect separation and hygienic capabilities.
•    Rolling bearing cases both fix and those who takeover vibrations are designed for a smooth operation with low vibrations and a long working cycle.
•    Drum drive mechanism has a hydraulic clutch which provides a smooth start, no strong vibrations and no absorbed electric power current both at initial start and after every cleaning.
•    Lubricating combined system: oil bath and oil injection lubrication.
•    Aperture for oil level.
•    Revmeter (revolution indicator).

Benefits concerning the operation mode of self-discharge separators:
•    Automatic control of sediment cleaning provides big and constant efficiency over the entire working cycle.
•    Product feeding and achievement of liquid phase are made under pressure, no air contact and no need for additional pumps to discharged phase transportation.
•    Solid sediments discharge (mud) from the drum is performed during the working cycle through a hydraulic system controlled by a time relay in the control panel.
•    Duration between two successive discharges and real time discharge can be adjusted according to loading degree of product.
•    Separator washing is made in close circuit (CIP) without having to disassemble it.
•    Constant working flow.
•    No interruptions of the technological process.

We offer a wide range of capacities for separators, depending on the customers’ needs.