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Homogenizers for milk, cream and ice cream

Stability, uniformity, guarantee, aspect, flavor!
These are only some of the benefits of using homogenizers in food processing industry. It is important to use homogenizers in the technological process of the following products:

- milk
- animal and vegetal fats
- eggs
- yoghurt
- honey
- ice cream
- dressing
- fruit concentrate
- syrup
- ketchup
- tomato concentrate
- cosmetics
- pudding
- pharmaceuticals
- creams and desserts
- chemicals

THE PRINCIPLE OF HOMOGENIZATION Being designed to prepare a permanent mixture of one or more substances in a liquid, the homogenizer performs the grind of suspension particles and their dispersion in the liquid matter resulting in an agent stable even in subsequent treatment and storage.
Due to the configuration of the homogenizing head, with section differences and passing spaces, the product gains enhanced speed followed by deceleration. Thus a cavitation phenomenon emerges which, together with the violent collision with the product in the homogenizing valve ring, produces a globule blast and dispersion of micro-organisms throughout the liquid matter.


MILLENIUM homogenizers are achieved in total compliance with the latest EC standards and are supplied for working capacities from 50 to 50,000 l/h and working pressure up to 2,000 bar.

The models offered are suitable for the following operational groups:
•    Sanitary
•    Aseptic, for the UHT equipment
•    Two stages homogenizer
•    Standard, for diary product processing such as: milk, yoghurt, sour cream
•    Abrasive, for the following product processing: fruits, ice cream, ketchup.

The following options are available to meet customer’s specific requirements:

•    Electrical equipment for steady capacity operation
•    Electrical equipment for steady capacity operation
•    Electrical equipment for two steady capacities operation
•    Semi-automatic operation of the equipment with manual control or via a control operating system
•    Pulse buffers for product inlet and outlet
•    Pressure transducers with digital display of homogenizing pressure
•    Safety system against errors at feeding.

Capacity: 50 – 50.000 l/h
Maximum operating temperature : <90 ℃
Number of homogenization stages: 1 stage (two stages can be supply at request)
Maximum homogenizing pressure: up to 230 bar
Maximum pressure of product outlet: up to 10 bar
Feeding pressure : 2 bar
Operating engine : Power according to homogenizer capacity, IP 55, 4 poli
Supply voltage : 400 Vac, 50 Hz, 3 phases
Mechanical parts: Pressure electrical pump with oil reservoir
Minimum water cooling pressure : 1,5 bar
Minimum compressed air pressure : 4,5 bar
Maximum washing temperature: 90 ° C
Washing/sterilization time: 30 min


•    Homogenizer head made of AISI 316 stainless steel base unit certified and checked with ultrasounds.
•    Homogenization valves made of wear resistant material. All homogenization valves of this state-of-the-art generation instruments are servo-assisted by a specially designed unit to supply constant pressure and absorb circuit shocks.
•    Pneumatic group for homogenization pressure control and regulation.
•    Arch-type overpressure valve on the homogenizer head to prevent hazardous overpressures during operation.
•    Pump body is made of cast iron and has all movement transducers.
•    Piston cooling is made by water through a hand valve which adjusts water flow. On the cooling circuit there is also an electro valve which breaks water circuit in case of homogenizer is not working.
•    Control panel comprising: selector, homogenizing pressure button, start/stop button and warning lamps in case of damages.
•    Branch box where all machine elements connect (the electric engine, the control panel and the electro valves).