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Ice water equipment

It is designed for making and circulation of water ice at the temperature of + 1 ℃.
Source: import Slovenia, Italy

Range of use: water ice machines are cold accumulating units (ice blocks) providing the refrigeration requirements by supplying the recirculating glacial water in close circuit to several cold consuming equipment: milk cooling machines, plate pasteurizers, cheese processing vats, technological and comfort air conditioning installations etc. The main benefit of these installations relies on the accumulation (storage) of cold by turning the liquid state of water into solid state (ice); when the consumption of cold starts the melting process of ice begins providing cold water at the desired temperature.
Other benefits of the equipment are:
-water is refrigerated at 0,5 ℃ (up to -10 ℃);
- due to the presence of a constant ice surface, a constant temperature of the supplied water is maintained until the end of the melting process;
- possibility of choosing the stored amount of energy from 20 - 100% from the capacity of the ice block;
- maximum of safety, the ice making process causes no damages to the system under any circumstances;
- minimum costs with energy mainly during the consumption period (at night) when the fees are lower.

General structure:

General structure:
1. Vaporizer (stainless steel 1.4301);
2. Ice storage container (stainless steel-several sizes according to type of installation);
3. Thermal insulation 50/75 mm thick;
4. Cover and external armor (stainless steel);
5. Cooling unit base (stainless steel);
6. Refrigerating unit, ecological agent;
7. Cold water recirculating pump;
8. Automated control unit.

Our company offers a wide variety of capacities for ice water units, depending on the customers’ needs.