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Milk clarifiers

Milk clarification represents a very important step in milk processing when aiming at high-quality dairy products. The purpose of milk clarification is the improvement of milk quality through the removal of solid impurities such as dirt, straw, hair and sand particles, somatic cells and bacteria.

The effective separation of solid impurities is strictly related to the viscosity of the milk: the lower the viscosity the higher the separation effect. Hence, for clarification purposes, warm milk is to be preferred to cold milk and a clarification temperature around 50 °C may be considered as the optimum temperature to achieve the maximum efficiency. Nonetheless, especially in those areas where the raw milk quality is questionable, milk clarification is very often performed on cold milk, as soon as it is received at the dairy. Specifically designed centrifugal separators, i.e. clarifiers, are used for milk clarification even though cream separators can be employed also; in this case the efficiency results are remarkably lower (up to 50-60% lower) as the separation of impurities is to be considered a secondary effect.

Features and advantages
-    Self-cleaning clarifiers, designed for automated C.I.P.;
-    Built-in, manual back pressure control for ease of installation and operation;
-    Stainless steel clad base frame;
-    High grade finish of any surfaces (wetted and non-wetted parts) for optimum sanitization;
-    Optimized motor control for soft start, quick speed recovery after discharge and low energy consumption;
-    Innovative lubrication to guarantee optimum working conditions and long life to bearings;
-    Time-controlled solids ejections allowing accurate discharges adjustment.


Models and capacities offered