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Milk processing mixers

These mixers are designed for mixing a large variety of foods cut, or shredded beforehand. The mixers are suitable for production lines, such as: pasta and meat, cheese, butter, fruits and vegetables in cans, etc.

These mixers have an extremely compact construction, is made of entirely of stainless steel. The mixer presents three distinct areas: Liquid mixing zone, the engine drive and the zone with the transmission of the mixing paddles (coupling) and the engine. In this last area the gasket sealing can be checked.

The mixing of the desired product is carried by the mixing palettes placed on the two axes, which are installed at different heights. The mixing palettes can rotate in both directions and their speed is adjustable. The mixing is carried out at atmospheric pressure and vacuum.

These mixers are in accordance with the European safety and hygiene regulations and have the CE conformity marking.

The mixers offered by our company have different capacities, starting from 180 up to 8,000 liters.