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Pneumatic cheese presses

The basic model of cheese presses with weights for increasing the press force. The dimensions of the press are adapted for pressing up to 100 kg of cheese in different cheese moulds. The moulds under one pressing point can be put in different alignments depending on the cheese diameter and in 2 to 4 levels in height. They can be used in locations without electricity.


This type of cheese press is simple to use and allows us to press different dimensions of cheese up to the diameter of 400mm. The press is equipped with pneumatic cylinders with a simple pressure regulation. Models can be loaded in 2 to 4 levels. There are 2 to 6 pressing cylinders which allows us to press up to 150 kg of cheese.


This type of press with its mobility gives us a good utilization of space. The press is constituted of a mobile base construction with 4 to 20 pneumatic cylinders with the regulation of the pressing force. The models are put in 2 to 6 levels in height under each pressing point. Usually is made for pressing only one dimension of cheese and is used in bigger cheese-making facilities where they use more than one press.


This press is appropriate for bigger cheese-makers that press more than 100 kg of cheese at a time. Execution with a good space utilization. The press is constituted of a frame with 2 to 6 pneumatic cylinders, pressure regulation and guided plates between levels. The moulds are loaded in up to 5 levels. The distance between plates is 250mm. The plates dimensions are 800×450mm. Other dimensions and modifications available on request.


The biggest advantage of this type of press is that the pressing force is the same for all the moulds in a row. The press is constituted of a frame with 2 to 8 pressing rows with pneumatic cylinders and pressure regulation. The dimensions can be adapted to press up to 300 kg of cheese at a time (depending on the dimensions of the moulds). We can make different guides for different sizes of moulds (optional).