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Pre-press tanks for cheese

Execution with a draining transport belt on the bottom of the table, cutting knives at the front and movable bridges with pressing cylinders which can be moved by hand along the table. The operator puts perforated plates under the pressing points to press the entire cheese mass simultaneously. After the prepressing the transport belt moves the cheese mass towards the knives. Manual cleaning.

Material: parts that come in contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 304

- deepened cheese table for accepting the cheese mass with whey
- draining pressing plates (segments)
- stable support
- collection vessel for whey under the table
- two movable draining grids (fixed in the front and movable in the back)
- manual movable bridges with two pneumatic cylinders
- draining transport belt with drive
- front bridge with knives on a pneumatic drive
- control panel for moving and cutting
- simple regulation of the pressing force

•    Draining
Draining through the draining transport belt and through the draining grids in the front and in the back of the vessel. The whey is collected in a container under the vessel and is released in a draining canal.
•    Pressing
Execution with bridges with pressing cylinders which can be moved by hand along the table. The cylinders press the draining pressing plates. The pressure can be set from 1kg up to 3kg per kg of cheese mass.
•    Cutting
The draining transport belt moves the cheese mass under the knives. The format is given by the movement of the transport belt and the distance between knives. We can adjust the format by changing the height of the cheese mass and the movement of the belt. The distance between the knives is fixed.
•    Moving
Continuous in manual mode
•    Operation
Manual with switches for the belt movement and cutting.
•    Advantages:
- cheaper execution of a prepress with the draining transport belt;
- movable draining grid to adapt to different quantities of milk;
- appropriate for smaller and bigger quantities of milk.
We also offer press vats of larger capacities, fully automated and with CIP washing. The module is designed for preliminary pressing of curd immersed in whey in the manufacturing of cheese with dense structure. The maximum pressure that can be achieved is 60 g/cm² and it is determined by the cheese type. The curd whey mixture is fed through the pipes of the spray balls. During operation the spray balls are uninstalled. A draining belt is installed at the bottom and after pressing the whey drains through here. At the end of the process the curd is transported out. A pneumatic guillotine for cross cutting and knives for lengthwise cutting are installed at the front. The cycles of pressing and removing of the curd and CIP washing are fully automated.