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Washing tunnel

This machine is a modular washing system with input table, washing + rinsing, the output table. These machines can be used in several industries, such as: catering, pastry, bakery, dairy, pharmaceutical, meats, etc. The client has the possibility to order the model with hood, blowing and drying.

The characteristics of the washing tunnel are:
-    Stainless steel pump 7.5 kW;
-    Transport through continuous plastic chains;
-    Saving rinse water;
-    Friction protection;
-    Load from left;
-    Floor drain bath;
-    Electric or steam heating;
-    Speed control with reverse.

The accesories that are delivered together with the machine are:
-    Detergent dispenser 18 lt/h 24 V;
-    Sanitizing dispenser 2 liter/h 24 V;
-    Detergent dispenser with probe and conductivimeter;
-    Tape round steel Ø 10 mm;
-    Integrated hood;
-    Extraction chimney for gases;
-    Steam heating drying module;
-    Electric heating drying module;
-    Output curve 90°;
-    Inclined roller conveyor for loading or unloading.
This machine can be ordered in different sizes or capacities, depending on the need of the client.