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’’Pasta Filata’’ cheese

’’Pasta Filata’’ is a type of Italian cheese. A typical stage of the manufacturing of the pasta filata type cheese is the so called process of cooking which is a thermo mechanical processing of the curd. The cheddared curd is heated until it reaches dough like consistency. It is placed in moulds and block moulds where it is shaped after cooling.

- Hard and semi-hard: Кashkaval, Provolone, etc.;
- Soft and semi-soft: Mozzarella etc.;

The finished product has a wide range of typical characteristics. They depend on the type of cheese and on the region where it is manufactured.

- Colouring from white, pale yellow to amber yellow;
- Fat in dry mater from 40% to 50%;
- Water content 40% to 50%;
- Salt content 1,5% to 2,5%,
- Yield from 9,5% to 11% depending on the casein and the fat content of the raw material and the water content of the final product.