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CIP (Clean-In-Place)

Clean-in-place (CIP) is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings, without disassembly.
The benefit to industries that use CIP is that the cleaning is faster, less labor-intensive and more repeatable, and poses less of a chemical exposure risk to people. CIP started as a manual practice involving a balance tank, centrifugal pump, and connection to the system being cleaned. Since the 1950s, CIP has evolved to include fully automated systems with programmable logic controllers, multiple balance tanks, sensors, valves, heat exchangers, data acquisition and specially designed spray nozzle systems.
The purpose of the Cleaning process is to:
- clean all surfaces that come into contact with products by mechanically removing all visible contaminants;
- achieve chemical cleanliness by removing all visible and microscopic contaminants which can become a source of microorganisms;
- clean all bacteria by chemical and temperature controlled disinfection.
The chemical cleaning equipment (CIP) has several moulds and levels of automation.


•    Stainless steel thermo-insulated tanks for: acid, soda, pure water, water recovery (last rinse). Tanks are provided with apertures, connectors for: water admission, solution discharge, solution recovery, over-flow by-pass (tank capacity between 500 l ÷ 10.000 l).
•    Steam-water heat tubular or plate switch for mixture heating.
•    Centrifugal pump of 12÷50 m3/h capacity, 3,5 bar. Pump body and rotor are made of stainless steel AISI 316, resistant to washing solutions.
•    Flow indicator with hand tap for flow adjusting control.
•    Steam circuit and condense discharge including: steam filter, steam flow regulating vat, taps, condense circuit.
•    Set of pneumatically operated valve for turn and return circuit of washing mixtures.
•    Stainless steel electrical control panel, IP 65 protection class.
•    Temperature adjuster for solution heating.
•    Automated program control or PLC SIEMENS microprocessor – touch screen.
•    Washing control system for several washing cycles.
•    Continuous control (with conductivity meter) of washing solution concentration and rinsing water.
•    Protection for electrical engines.
•    Stainless steel adjustable platform.
•    All set of joint elements, tubes, fittings, electric installation – are mounted on the platform creating a pre-assembled compact module.

NOTE! In case the beneficiary owns stainless steel tanks suitable for washing solutions storage, we can takeover these tanks and provide them with the automation system for the control of the automated washing cycle.