"Feta" cheese

Major advantages of this line:
• the process is automatic, requiring only one operator for surveillance
• absolute novelty for the Romanian market
• attractive presentation of the finished product
TREPKO's Series 300 is an automatic line for filling and Feta cheese clotting ultra-filtered (U.F.). The line was designed to have flexibility and to give the customer a simple solution to produce and pack Feta cheese.
300 Series offers a fully automatic filling process and coagulation. Depending on production capacity, this line is available in different sizes and can get up to 10,000 cups / hour for different product volumes.
The combination of modern servo-technology driver ensure safe production. Some of the auxiliary movements such as thermal bonding and separation cups etc. They are pneumatically actuated. A PLC controller with a touch-screen panel manages all functions easy to use control. Programming parameters can be done right from the touch-screen.
Series 300 is a modern option, flexible and economical solution for packaging Feta cheese. Thus, to obtain a packing accessible, which permits a higher shelf, giving him a major advantage.

FETA complete line contains three main parts:
• Fill Module
• Module coagulation
• Module closure