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Hard and semi-hard cheese

The cheeses with dense structure are: parmesan, emmental, gouda, and others, depending on the manufacturing region.

To achieve the dense structure and before the final pressing in the moulds, the curd immersed in whey needs to undergo a preliminary pressing to form a layer which is later cut and placed in the moulds. The pre-pressing is usually carried out at a pressure of 60 kg/сm². The pressure can be adjusted depending on the product.

Also, there are cheeses that have grainy structure, such as: tilsit, and others depending on the manufacturing region.

The difference between this cheese and the cheese with dense structure is that during the manufacturing process the preliminary pressing stage is not done. The curd whey mixture is transported through a draining module for complete separation of the whey. The curd is filled in moulds and then the final pressing starts. These types of cheese can be manufactured without final pressing. If this is the case, the moulds will need to be rotated to achieve two sided shaping of the product.