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Milk powder production line

Our company offers, through an Italian supplier, complete production lines for powder milk. The technology used in the production of powder milk is called milk spray drying. The advantages of milk spray drying are well-known: ”shelf-life” up to one or two years, easiness of transportation (fresh milk has 86 – 88% water contents), make the spray drying plants applied to the milk industry particularly advantageous. And above all, the quality is in accordance with the highest European standard, thanks to the ”gentle heat” treatment which the products are subjected to through the special processes applied.

Milk powder and milk-by products, such as whey and proteins, are used in food industry for the preparation of baby foods, dietetic and energy foods, confectionery products like chocolate and ice creams, instant drinks like cappuccino, cocoa based drinks, etc.

The production of powder milk starts with the pre-treatment of the milk, which consists of: raw milk receiving and cooling, refrigerated raw milk storage, pasteurization, skimming and titration of fats, pasteurized and titrated milk storage, cream storage for the possible production of butter and cream. Milk and dairy products can be concentrated from a starting value of 6 – 12% up to 40 – 60% of dry matter; this makes the following spray drying stage particularly cheap. Multi-effect falling film vacuum evaporaters are used for this purpose. Milk is concentrated at low temperature, so that the proteins and lactose are kept unchanged.

Spray drying or atomization is the most widespread, effective and economic way to dry dairy products, guaranteeing a high quality product, without degrading the products, proteins and lactose.

Our supplier proposes spray dryers with centrifugal disk atomizers and pressure nozzles, with descending co-current flow in comparison with the drying air; multi-stage spray dryers are equipped in order to complete the drying process at lower temperatures and to cool the product; heating systems by steam multiple batteries, or indirect systems using all the possible sources of energy, can be applied. Our suppliers’ spray dryers produce very flowing soluble powders, consisting of microspheres having different grain sizes ddepending on the type of atomizer or process applied.

It is very important for the process control to be safe, immediate and flexible. Our supplier proposes the supervision electronic control panel, from which the management of production and plant operating conditions are controlled, as well as a series of local control panels from which the working sequences, recipes, alarm signals, washing, etc. are managed.

In order to keep continous working cycles, it is neccessary to plan the cleaning of the plants carefully. Although cleaning cand be made manually or semi-automatically, for the crucial parts of the plants we recommend automatic CIP cleaning systems controlled by the plant electronic control logic.

We offer production lines starting from capacities of 2000 l/h of milk to 16000 l/h.