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Built or upgraded factories by INDAL PARTNER :

Indal Partner has acquired extensive experience in achieving both high capacity dairies, and those of reduced capacity. The company places great value on its customers, their satisfaction is always our main goal. Together with our customers, we try to find the best solutions at the best price.

  • SC Unicarm SRL, Vetiș, Satu-Mare
  • SC Primulact SA, Miercurea-Ciuc
  • SC Lacto Solomonescu SRL, Miron Costin, Botoșani
  • SC Carmolact SRL, Ucea de Jos, Brașov
  • SC Simultan SRL, Orţișoara, Timiș
  • SC Romfulda SRL, Beclean, Bistriţa Năsăud
  • SC Picolact, Iclod, Cluj
  • SC Lactocrist SRL, Cristian, Sibiu
  • SC Comalat SRL, Alexandria
  • SC Cavior SRL, Oniceni, Iași

Cooperation and other equipment delivery:

  • SC Dorna SA, Vatra-Dornei
  • SC Friesland SA, Cluj-Napoca
  • SC Bucovina SA Suceava
  • SC Covalact SA, Sfantu Gheorghe
  • SC Ilvas SRL, Vaslui
  • SC Vranlact SRL, Focșani
  • SC Ecolact SRL, Paulesti
  • SC Comlact SRL, Cluj-Napoca
  • SC Cozarux SRL, Suceava
  • SC Lactis SRL, Odorheiu Secuiesc
  • SC Lactag SA, Costesti
  • SC Tarnalact SRL, Cristuru-Secuiesc
  • .....